And the winning cover for QUEENS OF GEEK is...

Fellow Swooners, the time has come to announce the new cover for Queens of Geek!

Firstly, a huge thank you to Liz D. for designing four stunning covers to choose from. I’ve been giddily excited about cover voting for months now, so you can bet I had my eyes glued to the polls last week. And I’m so very happy with the winning design!

From the start, there was a very clear frontrunner. Readers were talking about their fave covers here on Swoon Reads and on Instagram and Twitter, and I watched and waited as the votes just kept going up and up and up.

waiting gif

When the voting closed, I was so happy to see my beautiful new cover! Here it is…

QoG_LD_Pink Hair

new girl woohoo

YAY! As much as I liked all four of the covers, this was the one that made me gasp when I saw it. I swooned all over it. It’s bright, it’s fun, and it will definitely stand out on a bookshelf. I love the hair, the font, the tagline… I love everything about it!

Clearly, with this cover having double the votes of all the others, you guys love it too! Thank you so much for voting and helping make my cover dreams come true! When you go into a bookstore next year and see it there, you’ll be able to say you helped choose the cover. How cool is that?!

Time to celebrate!


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