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And the winning cover for RECONNECTED is...

Cover voting was definitely the feature that kept me addicted to Swoon as a reader. Where else could you have a say in the design of a real-life book you could pick up from the shelf in a store and tell your friend, “I helped them pick this design?” There were several rounds where I probably refreshed the page as often as the authors whose books were on the line, eager to know what other readers liked and why. The process fascinated me.

Sometimes I would daydream about what it might be like to get selected and go through my own process of cover voting. That particular picture had seemed hazy and far-off, until recently. I had finished another day of staff planning at work, preparing for the upcoming school year. After combing through spreadsheet lesson plans for a few hours, the last thing I wanted was to spend another second looking at a screen.

But then the magical email arrived in my inbox with the four potential covers for Reconnected. Carol L. absolutely knocked it out of the park with these designs, offering a delightful selection of illustrated and photographic covers that spoke to specific scenes as well as the overall story. I will admit, I had a favorite from the moment I first glanced at the options.

Behold, the cover direction for Reconnected:


The heart made of chat bubbles. The little figures of Anne and Freddie (that look like little avatars or Bitmojis!). The bright colors. Anne’s messy bun. I was smitten. Seeing that the Swoon community seems just as smitten with it has me overjoyed.

Thanks again to Carol L. for all four gorgeous designs, and to all of you for voting and sharing your input. I can’t wait for you all to read Anne and Freddie’s story!

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