And the winning cover for ROMEO AND WHAT'S HER NAME is...

What light through yonder window breaks…


Romeo and What’s Her Name has a cover!

From the moment the choices were put on the site, I couldn’t stop looking. I found myself constantly hitting refresh to see which amazing cover was in the lead.


Although I was not angry like the guy in the gif, I was excited! My book was one step closer to becoming a reality!

So which cover did I want to win? That one was a nail biter.

britney nail bite

They each had things that I loved—it was such a hard choice! Luckily, the decision was in the hands of all of you amazing Swooners! And I think you made a great choice!


So without further ado, the winning cover is:

RAWHN BS Doodles

Becca S.'s Doodles cover!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted and commented! I truly-th appreciate-th it!

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