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And the winning cover for THE SECRET RECIPE FOR MOVING ON is...

I'm so pleased to announce that the Whisk Cover is the top vote-getter for The Secret Recipe for Moving On!


It's funny, I actually expected it would win, even before it pulled ahead in the voting, because so many of my friends and family were like, "Ooh, I love the purple whisk!" and then so many Swoon Readers commented in similar fashion. And I totally get why—the cheerful colors make for a grabby, eye-catching first impression, and the pink-batter-tipped whisk lets you know you're in for something sweet!

Designer Trisha P. really knocked it out of the park with ALL the cover directions, to the point that, at first, I was torn between the Out of the Frying Pan cover (I absolutely loved the scribbled smoke and bead of sweat, which charmingly drove home Ellie's class-related angst) and the Whisk Cover, which had the color scheme of my pastel-loving dreams (like, even the whisk is adorably pastel!!). But when I saw Trisha's comments about adding some batter splatter to up the "messiness factor," that tipped the scales in the whisk's direction for me. I am so excited that this will be the first thing potential readers see, letting them know right up front what Ellie and her home economics journey are all about.

A huge thank-you to everyone who voted and commented. It's like having my very own focus group, and knowing this cover made such a big, positive impression gives me hope that readers will eagerly grab it off the shelf and want to devour this book—and maybe devour some tasty, fresh-baked cupcakes along with it!

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