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Announcing CAROLS AND CHAOS by Cindy Anstey!

Hello Swoon Readers,

I write with glad tidings. Yes, indeed; my fourth Regency Romance, Carols and Chaos, will be released October 2018.

In a slight departure, the continuing story will pick up directly after Suitors and Sabotage but move downstairs to the servant’s hall where the hustle and bustle and preparation for Yuletide is hectic and fraught with mystery and romance.

The happy chatter and building excitement of the 1817 Christmas season at Shackleford Park would lead anyone to mistakenly believe that all is well within the manor’s beautifully appointed walls. However Kate Darby, lady's maid, and Matt Harlow, valet, know the truth of it; trouble is brewing.

While the Yuletide begins much as usual—traditions observed, the housekeeper and butler bicker and special treats are baked and set aside—a disquiet invades and spreads its tentacles around the younger members of staff. 

Johnny Grinstead, footman and workmate of Matt, has become embroiled in a brouhaha and has now disappeared. Tension rises, squabbles accelerate and Matt turns to Kate to help him find his truant friend. Suddenly danger abounds from one direction and frustrating complacency from another. 

While dealing with the perils of Johnny's disappearance, Kate and Matt must balance their duties, an unexpected attraction to one another and maintain the appearance of respectability. Their positions, their place in the Shackleford hierarchy, in fact, their very futures, requires nothing less. However, through the villainy, counterfeit coins and double-dealing, Kate and Matt realize a universal truth: Life will never be the same after Christmas of 1817.

Like Love, Lies and Spies, Duels & Deception, and Suitors and Sabotage, Carols and Chaos is a comedy of manners—a Regency Romp with a mystery. It’s a story of duty and dalliance, flirtation and friendship, and passion and panic. I can’t wait for you to read it!

Happy holidays/Merry Christmas. I wish you fun and frolic throughout the new year! Happy reading!


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