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Announcing CEMETERY BOYS by Aiden Thomas!

Friends, I have been truly blessed with the most WONDERFULLY PERFECT cover for Cemetery Boys! I know we usually do cover voting—which some of you might be bummed out about—but let me tell you about how this beautiful cover came to be.

I was given a list of artists to pick from for Cemetery Boys' cover, and Swoon provided me with a list of illustrators, all of whom where gender queer and/or persons of color. I requested Mars Lauderbaugh, and anxiously awaited for the Swoon team to reach out to them.

When I found out Mars was available and wanted to do the cover, I knew it would be incredible, but the final product is truly better than anything I imagined! Mars has known about Yadriel and Julian since the very beginning! I am their patron on and had commissioned them for some pieces of Yadriel and Julian when I was still writing the original first draft! Mars has intimate knowledge about my characters, so I knew when that when they were chosen to do the cover, it would be literally PERFECT.

Cemetery Boys is about Yadriel, who, hoping to release his cousin's spirit and prove himself as a brujo, accidentally summons the wrong ghost, Julian, a boy from his school, and ends up falling in love with him. This cover is the perfect mix of beauty, magic, mystery and unapologetically Latinx! Yadriel is exactly how I pictured him, and I especially love how Mars drew Julian, who is described in the book as having the strong features of an Aztec warrior (the inspiration for how he looks I literally pulled from an ancient Aztec carving). Meanwhile, Lady Death and the marigolds represent Día de Muertos, the holiday during which Cemetery Boys takes place.

I am in complete awe of this cover, and I can't wait to physically hold this book in my hands! I hope you all love just as much as I do. I’m still in shock this little book of mine is real, and now I have a gorgeous cover featuring a gay, transgender, Latinx boy!

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