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Announcing DEADLY CURIOUS by Cindy Anstey!

Hello Swoon Readers,

Exciting news! A new Cindy Anstey Historical Mystery will be on the shelves of your local bookstore next April. Yes!! It’s called Deadly Curious and the gorgeous cover, as you would expect, evokes mystery and drama, and danger… with a touch of romance.


A sharp, intense pain in his neck stilled his hands. He felt a warm cascade of blood spill across his shoulder and he tilted, slowly collapsing into the grass.

A figure stood over him.

“Why?” he managed with his last breath.

The figure did not answer and the silence of death filled the glade.

When we last met Sophia Thompson, she was a minor character of The Hummingbird Dagger. In Deadly Curious, eighteen-year-old Sophia and newly appointed Bow Street Officer, Jeremy Fraser, must solve the murder of her cousin, Andrew Waverley, who was found stabbed to death a year earlier. Escalating misfortune has plagued the Waverley family since Andrew’s death and Daphne Waverley, who knows that Sophia wishes to become a detective, begs her cousin for help. Alarm compels Sophia to investigate despite her inexperience but in doing so, she promptly draws the ire of the killer.

Outwardly, Jeremy Fraser has the authority of Bow Street behind him. He has been sent from London to delve into the mysterious death of Andrew Waverley but Jeremy is seen as an interloper and treated with distain and hostility by the occupants of West Ravenwood. Reluctant to accept Sophia’s assistance, he is forced to agree when it seems Sophia will investigate on her own. He is soon drawn to the quirky character of Miss Sophia Thompson and her dogged determination. The villain, always one step ahead of them, targets the investigators with increasing menace: even family and friends are not safe.

Like The Hummingbird Dagger, Deadly Curious is full of intrigue and peril. It is a story of determination, stubborn pride, friendship, unusual characters, romance… and murder and mayhem, of course. I can’t wait for you to read it.

Happy reading!


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