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Announcing FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT by Jenn P. Nguyen!

Hello Swooners!

It’s me! I’m still alive! I know it’s been AGES since I’ve last posted but now I’m back and I’m here with good news. Amazing news. Wonderful news. Deep breath. I’ve finally caught up on all my DVR episodes of This Is Us. Oh, Jack Pearson. Why must you break my heart in EVERY single episode?! How can my husband ever live up to your amazingness?

But onto other equally exciting news. I have a second book coming out next summer! It’s a YA contemporary romance called Fake It Till You Break It. Here’s the official description:

Mia and Jake are meant to be together. True love. Soul mates. At least according to their moms. Since day care, their mothers had the brilliant idea that their kids should get together in the future. Unfortunately it’s only brilliant according to them. So for the past fifteen years, Mia and Jake had to endure summer vacations, Sunday brunches, even dentist visits together.

And they’ve had enough.

Together, they hatch a plan to get their moms off their backs. Once and for all. No matter what it takes.

The idea for Fake It Till You Break It came to me after my son, Grayson, was born. My husband had a couple friends who also had daughters around the same age as our son. One a month older and another a week after. He kept joking about how he was going to pick Grayson’s girlfriend for him and make them play together all the time. Basically the anti Romeo and Juliet relationship. I started imagining what growing up like that would be like, and Mia and Jake were born.

I hope you’ll love Mia and Jake as much as I do and you’ll come back tomorrow to see the awesome options for the cover voting!

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