Announcing LOVE CHARMS AND OTHER CATASTROPHES by Kimberly Karalius!

FeiwelDear Swoon Readers:

When we first read Kim’s debut novel Love Fortunes and Other Disasters, we were struck by her unique voice and completely charmed by her use of magical realism which we felt was reminiscent of Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic. We also fell in love with the wonderful town of Grimbaud… so in love that we had to go back! So, you can understand why I’m so pleased to announce that we will publish Kimberly Karalius’s second novel Love Charms and Other Catastrophes on May 8th.

It picks up a year after the first book ends, when Love decides to surprise his favorite love charm maker Hijiri with a very special gift—the perfect boyfriend all tied up in a bow!

We hope you are just as charmed as we were!


Jean Feiwel

A note from Kimberly Karalius:

SwoonreadsPhotoJPGHi there, Grimbaudians!

The time had finally come to announce my second book with Swoon Reads! I had a lot of fun dropping hints about it while I was on the Summer of Swoon tour, but I’ve been looking forward to this moment.

I didn’t write Love Fortunes and Other Disasters with the intension of writing a sequel. But by the time I had gone through revisions and grew even closer to Fallon and the gang (perhaps too close – invading their personal bubbles), one character in particular had more to tell: Hijiri Kitamura.

Hijiri wants to be a great love charm-maker someday, but if Love has anything to do with it, she’s going to be tested now.

With Grimbaud on the verge of recovering from Zita’s tyranny, the town stands on shaky legs. New love charm-makers are setting up shop, but any of them could prove more foe than friend as they struggle to get the townspeople to fall in love with their charming creations. When Hijiri enters a competition alongside the new love charm-makers, determined to win both for herself and the safety of the town, she doesn’t know where the journey will lead her… especially with Kentaro by her side, the perfect boyfriend that Love left literally gift-wrapped outside her apartment door.

In Love Charms and Other Catastrophes, you can expect more powerful love charms, hearts both big and small, hijinks, and delicious tea. Oh, and tons of quirkiness.

As if being published by Swoon Reads wasn’t enough of an honor, here is Book #2. I’m so thankful to Swoon Reads for allowing me to share Hijiri’s adventure with you.

Happy Reading!


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