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Announcing Our New List: THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD OF GETTING LUCKIE by Heather Truett and THE DREAM WATCHER by Talia Rothschild & Ashleigh Claire


Dear Swoon Readers,

Change is in the air. The weather in New York is finally warming up, publishing has switched to summer hours, and Macmillan is moving to a new headquarters. But one thing always stays the same: how amazed and impressed we are with your talent and taste. We could never have found these wonderful stories without your help. Keep writing, keep reading, and keep sharing your thoughts, and know that we are also reading and listening and loving being part of this amazing community.

Congratulations to our new authors and welcome to the Swoon Reads Family!


Jean Feiwel (and Stella)

Here they are! Swoon Reads Season 16:

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The Scientific Method of Getting Luckie by Heather Truett

Stephen discovers a scientific method to relationships, but when he finds himself torn between two girls, his experiment goes off the rails in a big way.

Why We Love It

• Voice! We love Stephen's authentic teen boy voice. He comes to life on the page.

• Rom-com vibes! We love the way this feels like a classic rom-com. Netflix, take note!

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The Dream Watcher by Talia Rothschild & Ashleigh Claire

An exiled goddess goes on a quest to clear her name and save Mount Olympus.

Why We Love It

  • Like a YA Odyssey, this action-packed story has monsters, riddles, and spectacular battles.
  • Galene and her friends are fascinating characters with the odds stacked against them, and their high-stakes quest keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Congratulations Heather, Talia, and Ashleigh! And welcome to Swoon Reads!

Writers, want to be considered for publication? Our next submission deadline is August 31st. And Readers, help us find which books to publish next! It's currently Read Month and we're looking for your feedback to choose our next list.

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