Announcing SIGNS POINT TO YES by Sandy Hall!

Jean FDear Swoon Readers and Writers:

When we signed up Sandy Hall’s A Little Something Different, I hoped and believed we were signing up an author with a career (not just one book). You all know Sandy’s amazing story, that she wrote A Little Something Different in only 6 days! (Yikes!) and although there was a lot of planning and scheming that happened before the actual first draft, still, 6 days! That’s a hard act to follow, and yet…

I am pleased to announce that we will publish Sandy’s second novel, Signs Point to Yes this year on October 20th.

Holly West describes this novel is as “the most adorkably awkward romance ever.” Of course. What Sandy does best is to depict the shy, tentative but oh-so-real feelings of first love.

You’ll meet Jane, Teo, Ravi and Margo and experience their summer filled with longing and questions. It looks like even Jane’s Magic 8 ball can’t give them clear answers…But wait a minute: Signs point to yes.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


A note from Sandy Hall:

author sandy hallHello Swooners!

The good news is that yes, I have a second book coming out!

The bad news is that this one does not include any squirrels. (Well, maybe one, but he doesn’t directly influence the plot.)

What it does have going for it, at least in my opinion, is the two main characters. Jane is a fandom obsessed, Magic Eight Ball addict who accidentally gets a summer job babysitting for nerdy-hot lifeguard Teo’s three younger sisters. While Jane and Teo have lived in the same neighborhood their whole lives, they’ve never really been friends. It just so happens that after spending more time together they get that oh-so-special “seeing you in a new light” kind of vibe going on between them. Particularly when Jane learns a secret about Teo that she thinks she can help him with.

Also there’s a road trip. Who doesn’t like road trips?

Getting signed with Swoon Reads last February was like a dream come true and I am so delighted to have the opportunity to publish a second time with them. My experience has been nothing but extraordinary.

I want to thank the staff of Swoon for their ongoing support and unwavering patience while I smoothed the wrinkles out of this story.

I am so thrilled to be able to share Signs Point to Yes with all of you!

I just really hope no one is too disappointed about the squirrel thing.


Read an excerpt, and come back next week to help us choose a cover!

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