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Announcing THESE VENGEFUL SOULS by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas!

Dearest Swooners, 

We can hardly believe it’s already been six months since These Ruthless Deeds came out, we’re rather skeptical of the fact that it’s been a year and a half since These Vicious Masks and we’re just flat-out in denial that our third book is already bringing this trilogy to an end. But we aren’t ones to argue with clocks and calendars and the relentless march of time, and so we are here to share the exciting announcement of our final book with Evelyn & Co!

May we present to you… 

These Vengeful Souls!


Thank you to KB and Rich for another lovely cover to close out the series! These Vengeful Souls picks up immediately after the chaos of the Belgrave ball in These Ruthless Deeds, as matters somehow manage to get worse:

England, 1883. On the run with the grieving Sebastian Braddock, Evelyn wants two things: to be reunited with her friends, and to get revenge on the evil Captain Goode. Not only has he misused his and Sebastian's powers to rack up a terrible death toll, but he's also completely destroyed any hope of Evelyn or her friends regaining the life they once knew. 

Evelyn is determined to make Captain Goode pay for what he's done, but is her revenge worth risking the lives of Sebastian and her friends? Or is it better to flee the city and focus on staying alive? And with the Captain spreading lies about Sebastian in an attempt to flush them out of hiding and turn the populace against them, does she even have a choice at all?

We’re a bit sad to be bringing Evelyn’s journey to an end, but we can’t wait for you to see where it goes. Her world has changed in unexpected ways that sets this book apart from our last two, but don’t fear, we’re still in this for Evelyn’s tenacity, Sebastian’s brooding and Mr. Kent’s one-liners, along with all the thrilling superpowers, cute ships, and ridiculous banter that we can never resist. 

Thank you to the Swoon team and to all our readers who’ve been following along and waiting patiently after our rather mean endings. We look forward to sharing Evelyn’s latest adventure / path of vengeance with you in February!

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