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“Are We Done Yet?”: Pass Pages

So at this point, we’ve looked at the book at least five times (usually more). Everybody, everybody, is ready for this book to be done. We really, really, really want to hit “print.” That said, we are also huge perfectionists, and while nothing is perfect, we still like to try as hard as we can on every book. The goal is always perfection.

So, we have pass pages. In the last post, I talked about proofreads and how many tiny little changes we make at that stage. In the second pass pages, we go through (actually, our fabulous production manager Christine goes through) and makes sure that all of those changes actually got made.

Then, we look through it one more time to see if there was anything that we missed in the last five to seven to ten times we’ve gone through this book. If so, we make those changes. Then we request a set of third pass pages so that we can look through those and make sure that all the changes are made and that everything is kosher.

Only once every single page has made it through a pass without any changes, do we hit “print.”

And then we all collapse on the floor. Just kidding! We move on to the next book to give us a distraction while we wait for our pretty, pretty finished copies to come in!

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