Avon Calling – A Mascot’s Holiday Hangover


Every month the Swoon Reads mascot, Avon, will check in and give an update on her very busy and exciting life. If you aren’t satisfied with once a month, be sure to follow SwoonReads on Instagram!

You guys, Avon is soooooo tired. The holidays were really busy for her. If the Christmas tree wasn’t calling to her with all of its shiny, dangling ornaments, one of her many human friends was in the apartment wanting to play, or a new catnip toy had arrived that needed its tail chewed off. Totally exhausting.

Stringer among the cat pillows

Stringer among the cat pillows

But there was some really special stuff that happened over the holidays that’s kept Avon pretty happy. One of them is the fact that she and her brother Stringer are now immortalized as throw pillows. Two extremely kind and crafty friends handmade the pillows. The real surprise? Avon was a little disoriented when she first saw her likeness on a pillow. She may have backed away slowly and tried to hide. But since then, she’s gotten used to and actually come to appreciate the image of her giant face. She was even caught “cleaning” it the other day while she was giving herself a bath.

Other than that, Avon also very happy to have both of her people home over the holiday break. There was a lot more snuggling and playing than there normally is during the week. She still isn’t allowed to sleep in the people bed at night, but she’s pretty sure that’s only a matter of time.

Do you have any questions about Avon? Do any of you also use your pets as decoration inspiration at home? (Or is that just me?) Tell us in the comments.

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