Avon Calling: New Heights


I’ve talked about Avon’s lack of grace and agility before, usually in relation to her brother Stringer’s talents. Where Stringer will soar through the air and land softly on his feet, Avon can barely jump onto the couch without knocking a bunch of stuff over. I always assumed her lack of catlike abilities didn’t bother Avon, since she seems pretty happy on the ground or in someone’s lap.

But recently the fiance and I have noticed that she’s been getting bolder. Specifically, jumpy-er. She started with the TV cabinet, jumping up, getting yelled at, jumping down, jumping up, etc. Then she moved her efforts to the desk, regularly scattering papers, electronics, and other office supplies onto the floor.

Then one day I caught her on top of the microwave. She was just sitting quietly, staring up at the fridge. I’m probably reading into this, but I swear I saw a real emotion in her eyes: determination.


You see, Stringer has long used the cabinet on top of the fridge as his little oasis. If the vacuum cleaner is running, or perhaps I’m trying to give him medicine, he has a place he can go to get away. I didn’t realize Avon even knew he was up there, let alone that she was patiently trying to figure out how she, too, could be on top of the world.

Afterwards, there was crying. Me from laughing so hard, Avon from pure fear, and Stringer from jealousy. She managed to jump down and only knocked over one cereal box. The other night I was in bed watching TV on my laptop when my fiance came running into the room. He whisper-screamed at me, “You have to come into the kitchen right now!” We both ran as silently as possible and skidded to a stop in the kitchen. He pointed to the top of the fridge. I expected to see Stringer in a funny position, but instead was met with Avon’s little face, looking panicked but also victorious.

Then there was crying. Me from laughing, Avon from trying to figure out how to get down, and Stringer from being filled with pure, righteous jealousy. Avon eventually jumped down (and only knocked down one cereal box). I watched her that night, walking around the apartment. She had a little swagger in her step. She may not be graceful, but she doesn’t give up. One of the many things I love about her.

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