Avon Calling: Stringer needs love, too

The calm before the Stringer storm

The calm before the Stringer storm

I’ve written a little bit about Avon stealing, I mean, winning over my now-fiancé. It is an understatement to say that before we started dating he was not a big fan of cats. He hated them. In fact, he almost didn’t want to meet me at all because I had two of them. But I guess my friend who set us up is pretty convincing, because he’s so far gone that we’re getting married. And Avon was certainly charming enough to begin to change his mind about cats. But you know who almost ruined (I feel funny even using the past tense) everything? Stringer.

Stringer and Avon are like a study in opposites. Avon is such a sweet, affectionate little girl. She loves to spoon, give massages, and can generally be found taking a nap somewhere sunny and comfortable. If you don’t want her around (like, when you’re vacuuming or cooking), she whines a bit, but usually gets the hint. When it really comes down to it, she’s just not very cat-like in the traditional sense. But Stringer? Oh boy, is he a cat. And when my manfriend’s dislike of these four-legged roommates really comes back in full force, I usually have Stringer to thank for it.

What does this handsome devil do that’s so bad? Nothing I’m not used to as a lifelong cat owner, but when I say it out loud or write it down, I guess his behavior could be seen as, uh, slightly annoying. Stinger has that very common trait in cats: he’s curious about everything. You’re trying to do work on the computer, he would like to stand on the keyboard and see what it is that’s so interesting. Oops, sorry if he deleted half an hour of work. You’re trying to make a delicious breakfast, here comes Stringer flying in from on top of the fridge. Hope that ham and cheese omelette called for a sprinkling of cat hair! You’re just trying to put your socks on after a shower, how about a nice vampire fang being dragged along your back? No? How about claws repeatedly walking over your toes? Not cool? Weird.

Even when he's snuggling, he's always ready to make a move

Even when he’s snuggling, he’s always ready to make a move

But for all of Stringer’s less than stellar qualities, I really love him. When he’s not sprinting from the bedroom to the front door to high five the deadbolt, he can be very sweet. Every morning when I get ready for work, he sits on the bed while I put on my jewelry and clean my glasses. Often times he makes me take a break so that he can stand on his back legs and put his front paws around my neck in a little hug. Sure, he might be a little terrifying while he does it, but I’ve grown used to him dragging his teeth along my cheek and he doesn’t always draw blood on my shoulders. I like to compare him to Lenny from Of Mice and Men. He’s got so much love inside him, he’s just not very good at controlling the strength of it.

So when Avon and my fiancé are lost in their own little world of love I always make sure to give Stringer some affection. After all, Avon won’t tolerate me carrying her around like a baby over my shoulder. At the end of the day, all Stringer really wants is love.

Do any of you have two pets at home who seem like they’re from two different planets? How do you deal?

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