Avon Calling: The Things We Do For Love


Avon recovering from her latest binge on headphone cords

Oh, Avon. Such a loving, lovely girl. But, also, sometimes not the brightest. Like a lot of cats out there, Avon is afflicted with pica, which means that she has an appetite for stuff that is not food. Her preference is for what my vet calls “linear objects,” like string, shoelaces, and ribbon. Most recently, she’s been chowing down on all of the headphone cords that she can find.

This behavior may sound harmless (and sometimes it looks hilarious) but it’s actually pretty serious. Her recent electronics feeding frenzy left Avon with some not so fun gastrointestinal side effects. And a trip to the vet.

I’m lucky at least that Avon doesn’t mind the vet. She’s super relaxed when it comes to getting weighed, felt up, and having her temperature taken. Apparently she was also a very good girl for her X-rays. But man, when I got that bill at the end of the visit, I was less focused on her good behavior and more enraged on the percentage of my paycheck that was going towards pictures of her insides. I’m trying to pay for a wedding here, cat! Give me a break!

But as we drove home and she cried from inside her carrier in the backseat, I started to thaw. And when, upon arriving home, she jumped out and made a beeline for her secret spot under the bed, my heart was back to breaking for her instead of because of her.

The truth is that Avon can definitely make me mad. (And so can Stringer!) She eats my stuff, makes a huge mess on a regular basis, and gives really painful, pointy massages. But she’s also an adorable furball of love. And I will happily clean up all the ribbon barf and pay all of the vet bills to keep her healthy and happy for as long as possible. Because at the end of the day, she makes my life better and we are madly in love with each other.

But seriously, Avon, please lay off the shoelaces. They’re not worth it.

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