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Bibliophile Party Ideas

Swooners: school is out and summer is upon us! Time for pool parties, vacations, and… books! What better time to catch up on some reading and writing than when school is out or during some downtime on the weekends? And not only is summer a great time for fun activities, but it’s also a great time to get your fellow bookworms together for some bookish themed parties. Not sure what kind of party to host? Here are some suggestions that all bibliophiles will just swoon over:

1) Bookclub: It’s a classic for a reason. While reading is a fun individual activity, it’s just as much fun when you can get together in a group to discuss that shocking ending, or vent over why the main character ended up with the bad boy instead of her best friend. Bookclubs are a great way to not only share your favorite book, but also discover some great authors from your friends’ suggestions.

2) Book Swap Party: Bookshelves spilling over? Want to buy more books but don’t have the money? Then a book swap party is the perfect solution to get rid of some of your already read books and gain some new additions to your bookcases for free! Invite as many friends as you want to with only one stipulation: Everyone must bring at least one book to exchange. Once everyone has arrived, you can either go around the room and have people present the books they are exchanging, or, on a notecard, have everyone write down one thing they loved about the book they are giving away (but don’t give any major spoilers!). Everyone is then invited to go through the books (usually with some yummy snacks and drinks) and take what catches their eye. And if you have any books leftover that didn’t go to a new home, plenty of places will accept donations of lightly used books.

3) Book Themed Dinner: Want to spice up your book discussion a bit? Try pairing up the book with some delicious themed food and drinks. Some authors, such as Ernest Hemingway, have their own cookbook inspired by their travels and the food in the area they lived. What better way to share an experience with an author than with an authentic meal? Even if the specific author doesn’t have his/her own cookbook, find out where they grew up, or model your meal after the book’s setting (reading To Kill a Mockingbird? Some southern gumbo will do the trick!) or a dish from the book (such as Turkish Delight from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe). And making the cooking a group experience only adds to the excitement of the evening!

4) Swoon Themed Party! Want to have a swoonworthy book discussion about one of our fabulous books? Well, don’t forget that Swoon Reads offers its own party kit for any and all events. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is which book to choose first!

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