Black Friday Manuscript Roundup

Today is Black Friday. That most sacred of shopping days where people sacrifice sleep and sanity to get the best deals they can. If you are a survivor of Black Friday 2013, then let your wallet take a breather and spend the rest of the day eating leftovers and reading FREE YA romance like the ones listed here.



Child of DestructionDream Walker by Shawn

Clair, a teenage girl, gains the unique ability to travel into other people’s dreams.

Child of Destruction by DelSheree Gladden

Survival is everyone’s goal, but Harmony wants more out of life than just survival in a harsh world.

The Ranch at Lake Aurelia by Jennifer L. Cilia

The intertwining lives of Anna Winchester and Shane Collins. Told in alternating first person.



The Wingman by Cynthia Borges The Wingman

Brendon’s heartbroken and Mal’s sarcastic. After a chance encounter she agrees to help him out.

Delilah by Sherrie Applewhite

A girl living a double life finds her secret life taking over.

Chronicles of a Plastic Deer by LeEtta Schmidt

Awkward Willy Steinman fights to stay wrapped in her day dreams, but love has other ideas.




Parakeet Princess by Jandy Branch

Heather moves across country and needs to start all over finding her feet and her heart.

Hurricane Hana by Jandy Branch

Could the troubled new boy in town be behind the racist criminal mischief dogging Hana’s family?




Byron’s Vampire by Fiona CullenThe Fourth

            Blind Dave falls in love with a trafficked ghostly girl. His friend Jack falls for gorgeous vampire.

The Silver Symphony by Mindi Hamilton-Massey

All Scarlet needs is protection, but at what cost will that protection be.

The Fourth by Stephanie Guyon

Brittan’s parents banish her to a school where she awakens a dormant evil and falls in love.


**Keep in mind that we haven’t read these manuscripts either, so don’t take this as an endorsement! We just thought we’d highlight some manuscripts that need some love. **

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