Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

City of Heavenly FireI think it is safe to assume that at some point in our lives we have all found ourselves part of one all-consuming fandom or another, whether it is for the hot new boy band, the new Hollywood heartthrob, or the popular book series and/or author. I currently find myself to be a member of one such group; Cassandra Clare Fans. As far as fans go I’m pretty low-key. I don’t write fanfiction or draw fan art. I don’t follow Cassie on social networking and I’m not sure if this fandom has an “official” name or not but regardless I find myself deeply invested in her The Mortal Instruments series. Which is why I am currently at a complete loss for what to read next now that I’ve finished The City of Heavenly Fire, the most recent and final installment in the series. I have the End Of Series Blues in a bad way and at the risk of sounding over dramatic, at the moment I am finding it hard to imagine there ever being another series or group of characters I so effortlessly enjoy spending time with.

In many ways being part of a fandom is like being in love. When you’re a fan, like when you’re in love, you forgive all sorts of things you would never tolerate if you were thinking straight. You laugh at bad jokes, you suspend your disbelief just a little bit further, you overlook outrageous plot twists that make no sense, and you don’t question anything that is presented to you as fact. Above all else, you ignore what everyone else has to say about the object of your affection. So what if the stories are a little predictable and the novelty and newness that excited you in the beginning starts to wear off around book three? So what if you begin to hear a little voice in the back of your head telling you that you’ve read this before? You’re happy and things just feel so right that you try not to overthink it and just go where your heart wants to take you.

So it makes sense that finishing a series can often feel like going through a breakup. You know the end is coming, and deep down you probably know that it’s time, but you find little ways to fight it. Maybe you put the book on your hold shelf at the library instead of buying it on pub day or maybe you read only one chapter a day instead of devouring the book in one sitting. Like a breakup you also find yourself becoming very nostalgic. You remember how it all started and you replay past events over and over in your mind wondering if things could have turned out differently. Maybe you shed a few tears and then get angry, because after everything you’ve been through together this is not the ending you wanted. And like all great loves, and fandoms, there is always that little bit of hope that after you’ve had some time apart and had a rebound fling, you’ll come back to together for a new beginning. I felt an inkling of that kind of hope when I got to the last pages of The City of Heavenly Fire and found the teaser chapter for the first book in a new companion trilogy, The Dark Artifices.  Even in the depths of my End Of Series Blues I’m optimistic that this new series will be everything I want it to be but until then I am looking for my rebound. Tell me friends, what book or series should I pass the time with?

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