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Character Playlists: MEG AND LINUS

We’ve talked about character playlists before and how they make for great writing prompts, but readers can get in on the fun too by creating playlists based on their favorite books or fictional characters. I, for one, am a big fan of making playlists for just about anything, so sitting down to create a few for the title characters from Meg and Linus was my idea of a good time.

I love this book. Meg and Linus are two unique and lovable characters who jump off the page because they feel so real and their problems are very relatable. I love the juxtaposition of one friend trying to move on from being heartbroken over a failed relationship while the other friend is falling headfirst into some serious feelings for a boy he thinks is out of his league. Both of these scenarios made for two very different playlists that I think you’ll enjoy. Happy listening!


At the start of the book Meg is going through a really hard time. She’s recently had her heart broken by the girl of her dreams and doesn’t understand why. She’s sad and confused and her only way to cope with those feelings is to ignore them entirely and focus on her best friend’s love life instead of her own. Meg’s tough and she doesn’t want anyone to see her wallow, but I imagine that this playlist is full of the songs that she listens to when she’s alone and allows herself to think about Sophia and the feelings she tries so hard to keep buried.


Linus… oh, Linus. He’s the cutest. I loved watching his crush on Danny develop and it made for some painfully awkward but incredibly adorable exchanges. The mix of songs in this playlist focus on Linus’ feelings for Danny and how the blossoming friendship between the two of them helps Linus feel more comfortable in his own skin and start to believe that maybe someone could have similar feelings for him too.

What other songs would you add to Meg and Linus’ character playlists? Are you planning on making character playlists for your favorite characters and books now? Sound off in the comments below!

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