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Check out the final cover for LOST IN THE NEVER WOODS by Aiden Thomas!

Friends, I am SO BEYOND thrilled to FINALLY share the cover of Lost in the Never Woods!

Lost in the Never Woods is—you guessed it!—a dark, contemporary reimagining of the Peter Pan canon. It takes place in the sleepy coast town of Astoria, OR and follows our unwilling heroine, Wendy Darling. When she was 12, Wendy and her two younger brothers, Michael and John, went missing in the woods behind their house. Six months later, Wendy was found, but there was no trace of Michael and John... except for their dried blood caked under Wendy's fingernails. 

Now in her summer before college, Wendy wants nothing more than to get out of Astoria and get away from her past that's been haunting her, but outrunning your ghosts isn't that simple when kids in town start going missing into the woods. On the night of her 18th birthday, Wendy nearly runs over an unconscious boy in the middle of the road—a boy named Peter who shouldn't exist. When Peter claims to know what happened to her, her brothers, the missing kids in town, and knows how to get them back, Wendy finds herself in a race against time to stop the evil waiting for her in the woods.

lost in the never woods cover

Loika's stunning art style is the perfect mix of haunting and beautiful, with an almost dream—or nightmare?—like quality that's perfect for this story! It's like the design team looked into my brain, saw all my favorite things, and turned it into a cover! Purple, pink and blue are my all time favorite colors, and I love the illustrated, magical vibes of ALL of Loika's work. 

Wendy is front and center, walking into the encroaching darkness of the woods to confront her fears. I love the gnarled trees and even the font screams twisted fantasy! But, by far, my FAVORITE element of this cover is the subtle silhouettes in the trees (did you even notice until I pointed them out??). 

Overall, this is the perfect cover for this story and I'm so thankful to Loika and the design team for creating it! It's truly even more beautiful than I could've imagined.

Lost in the Never Woods is now available to preorder, and don't forget to add it on Goodreads.

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