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Check out the final title and cover for C.M. McGuire's debut!

Since Holly first reached out to me, this whole process has felt unreal. It’s felt easy to forget that it’s really happening because, frankly, it seems too good to be true. Pretty soon, my book’s going to be in stores and available for people I don’t know living in places I’ve never been to read. It took so much polishing, starting with changing the title, but I’m thrilled to finally announce that Bryn will now be Ironspark.

Just a little bit about the novel:

For the past nine years, ever since a bunch of those evil Tinkerbells abducted her mother, cursed her father, and forced her family into hiding, Bryn has devoted herself to learning everything she can about killing fairies.

But when the Fae threaten to take her brothers, Bryn isn't going to be able to handle this on her own. Gwen, a kind-hearted water witch; Jasika, a schoolmate with her own grudge against the Fae; and Dom, a new foster kid pulled into her world, all offer to help. But trust is hard-won.

That trust is put to the test when Bryn uncovers a book of Fae magic that once belonged to her mother. With the Fae threat mounting every day, Bryn must choose between faith in her friends and power from a magic that could threaten her very humanity.

I absolutely love the cover! It’s such a fresh pop and they even incorporated Bryn’s trusty iron nail. I like to think of it as a modern story with a 70s rock album design and an 80s color palette. It’s so beautiful I definitely plan to hang a print of it on my wall!


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