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Check out the final title and cover for Heather Truett's debut!

It has been quite a year in so many ways. With all of the hard things going on around us and in our world, I have tried to celebrate the good wherever I find it along the way. And there has been a lot of good to celebrate.

First of all, my sweet little book baby got a new name. As much as we all loved the original title, The Scientific Method of Getting Luckie, it was quite a mouthful. We tossed around all sorts of ideas for a replacement and finally settled on:

Kiss and Repeat

This title keeps the playfulness of the original in a punchier little package. I don’t know about you, but “Kiss and repeat” was my favorite science experiment when I was a teenager.

That brings us to another celebration…

I have a cover!

kiss and repeat cover

Isn’t it gorgeous? That bike is even the same design as the vintage Schwinn Hornet Stephen loved so much, Gwinn the Schwinn, and there’s that blue streak in Joan’s hair. I’m all swoony over this art. Thank you, Mike! I can’t wait to have this beauty framed poster-size for my office wall.

It’s all feeling more real with each new step. In less than a year, Kiss and Repeat will be on shelves. I can’t wait.

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