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The Conundrum of Writing YA

I really loathed high school. For years after graduating, I had nightmares—vivid ones—that I was standing in a hallway covered by ten coats of shiny beige paint, dressed in my scratchy navy and gray uniform, surrounded by all those gossipy people I’d prayed never to see again.

And yet... not only do I love reading books set in high school, I also love writing them.

There’s something about that period in a person’s life that’s so raw and new, where you go from careless to responsible, from oblivious to aware of everything and everyone, from child to adult. Would I go back to that dark movie theater where I had my sloppy first kiss? Nope. Would I attend that crazy house party where people drank hot beer and made out to Chumbawumba’s "Tubthumping"? Nope. But will I keep living vicariously through high school characters? Absolutely.

I want all those firsts, and I want them again and again—first kisses, first true friendships, first heartbreaks, first parties, first everything. I hope you’ll enjoy Angie’s journey in Not Another Love Song and that all her firsts (she has sooo many) give you all the feels.

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