Every Day Swoons – Great Outdoors Edition

Happy Friday, Swooners!

Living in NYC in the summer is usually pretty similar to slowly cooking in a slightly garbage scented oven (but it’s OUR garbage scented oven, so we still love it), but miraculously, this summer has been refreshingly temperate!  Spending time outside has been less akin to being in a sauna, and it’s great because usually we jump from winter to summer with about four days of spring-like weather tops. Thus, without constantly being covered in sweat/irritable/feeling like you’re descending into hell when you walk into the subway (how is it so much hotter down there?!) you can actually appreciate how gorgeous NYC is this time of year, and it definitely is making me more optimistic and positive. Things that typically might annoy me actually seem fun and charming when it’s so beautiful out! Which brings me to every day swoon number one:


1. Some guy was blasting Beyonce on the subway on Monday morning. I’m not talking “you can kindof hear it playing from his head phones” here. I’m talking full volume Yonce for everyone to hear for about 4 stops. Typically pre-coffee me would think this to be very obnoxious, but I found myself bopping along, feeling pumped up and pretty fierce. I even exchanged some awkward smiles with my fellow commuters. So thank you, Beyonce, and thank you, random guy. #SubwaySwoon #flawless


2. NESTING. Now that I have officially moved in to my new apartment, I decided to take a step toward maturity and finally frame the posters that I previously just nailed to the wall (classic 24 year old move). Getting the posters framed and hanging them up with an actual hook made my apartment really feel like my home, not just a temporary space that I’m going to live in for a year and then move on from. It’s awesome.


3. For the fourth of July my boyfriend and I drove for about 5 and a half hours to meet my family at my grandmother’s cabin in the Adirondacks. I love long car rides…wide open highway, stop(s) at Burger King, time to listen to Taylor Swift’s entire catalog…what more could  you want? But the real treat was looking out the window and not seeing a house or a building for miles, watching the trees get taller and the forests get thicker the more north we got, and all of a sudden mountains rising up around us. When we finally arrived, we got out of the car and just stood there in silence for a minute. Hearing nothing but the crickets, the wind, and the lake lapping on the shore was the most beautiful change from the bustle of the city. Of course, then we went inside and were bombarded by my family, but that moment of perfect serenity was truly swoonworthy.




4. Some days, eating leftovers makes me feel good about myself. Saving money! Being frugal! Alright! But there are other days when you need to just chuck the 3 day old pad thai and splurge for a fun lunch with your work friends. It feels good to treat yourself sometimes, and hanging out with my awesome coworkers is definitely worth it.



5. When I moved up to the Upper East Side, I knew I would be closer to central park, but I felt pretty ‘meh’ about it.  Yeah the park is huge or whatever, but how could it compare to the beautiful West Side Highway with the water and the boats? Then I decided to take a walk and found myself at the Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy Reservoir. No words, just swoons.



Have a great weekend, Swoon readers! Share your every day swoons in the comments!

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