Every Day Swoons – Memorial Day Edition!

Happy almost Memorial Day Swoon Readers! When you have a true three day weekend, you can’t be in a bad mood. Seriously—you know that scene in 500 Days of Summer? That is EVERYONE when they get to sleep in on a Monday and then continue doing whatever the heck they want to. Seriously. So enjoy the weekend, Swooners, and please be sure to feel like this at least 15 times this Memorial Day:


1. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty pumped about Memorial Day. Publishing wise, this is probably the worst weekend for it to fall on. BEA is next week, and there are infinity logistics to be worked out, but Memorial Day don’t care…it went ahead and came anyway.

Go on with your bad self, Memorial Day. And despite the mildly poor scheduling, on the inside all of us publishing folks (and everyone everywhere, if we’re being honest) is actually feeling like this:

Jump around! Jump! Jump! Jump around!

There is nothing more swoonworthy than waking up on Monday and realizing you have a whole extra day to do whatever you want. Enjoy it, Swooners!


2. I think that athletes in uniform are pretty much as hot as it gets. I’m not sure when I began to feel this way—I used to be seriously entrenched in the flannel shirt, guitar playing variety of hotness—but I think a lot of it has something to do with this:

And this:

And definitely a little bit of this:

Some of this too:

God he’s just so brooding and rebellious. DAMN. I completely forget what I was supposed to be writing about.

BRB while I go look at every gif of Tim Riggins that exists on the internet.

….20 minutes very well spent!

But, back to what I was saying—hot athletes. My boyfriend played lacrosse at Duke, our alma mater, and even though he wears a lot of flannel and can almost/kind of/maybe play the banjo, I really just can’t help that I find his athleticism to be one of his most swoonworthy traits. This weekend, we’re going to go to the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse championships in Baltimore to hopefully watch the Duke team win the whole thing. I’m really psyched to watch the games, but I am almost more excited to see my boyfriend in jock mode reliving his athlete glory days. Combine that with pretending we’re still in college for a couple afternoons? Completely swoonworthy. LET’S GO DUKE!


3. Last week I went to a Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s concert with an old friend. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s the most hipster name for a band I’ve ever heard.” And yes, they are very hipster—the lead singer has a beard, his bandmate (presumably Margot?) is a girl with a pixie cut who plays an instrument that appears to be some kind of combination between a kazoo and a child-sized toy electric keyboard, and during the concert they both complained about the audience requesting their most well known songs, but they are also AWESOME. ‘Lazy’ is the first single off of their newest album, and it is so tender and sweet and wonderful that after the concert, I went home, sat on my bed, and listened to it probably 48 times on repeat (guesstimating).


Every line gives me that heart exploding, can’t help but smiling but also want to cry a little, almost blushing, absolutely beautiful feeling. What do they call that again? Oh yeah, swooning.


4. My roommate’s adorable, sweet, kind-hearted dog has been staying with her parents in Philadelphia for the past week. Yes, I kind of miss the snuggling, and generally he’s a pretty cute little creature, but man is it nice to wake up to something other than his very spirited high pitched yips.

Bottom line, I’m a cat person through and through. Sue me. They may wake you up in the morning from time to time, but somehow it’s more forgivable because cats.


5. After doing long distance for a year and visiting Maryland/Virginia/DC countless times, I AM FINALLY GOING TO EAT THEIR FAMOUS BLUE CRABS! A big group of us are going to a very crab-specific restaurant this weekend and I am so excited to use that adorable little wooden crab smashing mallet to my heart’s content.

I know crabs and crab cakes are two different things, but I couldn’t resist.

MMMMMM. Swoon.

Have a great long weekend Swooners! Enjoy the day off, and share your Everyday Swoons in the comments.

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