Every Day Swoons: Strut, Sing, Swoon Edition

Hey there, Swooners!  The past week has been especially swoonworthy for me, because I got to go on an amazing short vacation with my boyfriend to the beautiful Dominican Republic. It was a very mid-twenties vacation (all-inclusive resort, cheapest flights possible, etc.) but it was awesome. Because it was the first time that we were travelling together, I was kind of nervous. I get sliiiiightly obsessive when I flying (I am a master of efficiency) and was a tid bit worried that my manila folder clearly labeled “DR TRIP!!” with our travel itinerary, hotel confirmations,  and pretty much anything else that could be printed out tucked safely inside alongside my aggressive airplane boarding tactics would intimidate/completely annoy my boyfriend. But all went smoothly—I managed not to freak out when we weren’t the first to jump out of our seats when we landed—and the rest of the trip was perfect. I could fill a book with swoons from our vacation, but I feel like boyfriend + beautiful beach + unlimited pina coladas = not-so-every-day swoonage and kindof a cop-out.  So I will limit myself to just one:

1. We got bored lying in the sun drinking strawberry daiquiris (I know, I know.) so we decided to play bocce ball on the beach.  What started out as friendly fun turned into a full blown competition and we decided to raise the stakes. Watching my sunburned boyfriend do a very accurate Bluth chicken dance on the crowded beach after I kicked his ass at bocce ball? Priceless. Victorious swoon.


2. My friend and I were wandering around last night looking for a place to get dinner and catch up. We stumbled upon this little Italian restaurant that didn’t have too long a wait for a table, and that was that. We really did it up—couple glasses of wine, appetizers, authentic homemade Italian pasta—amazing.  And when they brought us the check, I was ready to pay ‘special dinner’ prices for this very special dinner. And the entire meal was UNDER 40 dollars.  I looked at the waitress like:

But no, it was not a joke.  New favorite restaurant: Bianca.  If you live in NYC, I HIGHLY recommend it! Food/Finance Swoon


3. This one really needs no introduction.

Swooners, may I present to you: Navy Baseball Players Singing the Frozen Soundtrack


4. THIS ONE SUMMER by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki is one of the most beautiful books I’ve read recently.  They so perfectly capture that weird pre-adolescent time when you’re just starting to realize what’s ‘cool’ and what isn’t and whether you care about that or not, and when you start to see that your parents aren’t as invincible as you thought they were when you were truly a kid. I really can’t recommend it enough—READ IT. Nostalgia swoon.


5. This most recent bout of warmth in NYC has marked the official death of tights season. Time for our legs to breathe again!!!!!!! BE FREE, LEGS!!!!  Strut swoon.


Hope you’re having great weekends, Swooners!! Share your everyday swoons in the comments.

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