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http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/culturelab/2009/12/holiday-wish-list-e-readers.htmlWith the news of our upcoming list announcement…at Swoon HQ we thought it might be helpful to create a list of things we feel Readers should remember. (We’ve made a list for Writers too!)


Be involved

Don’t just read the books, tell us, and the writer, what you think. And not just by leaving a rating. Tell us why you gave it the rating that you did. When we are ready to dip into a manuscript, the first thing we do is go through the comments. And, yes, we read every single one. Comments help us gauge a manuscript better. So if you loved it, tell us why. If you thought it could use some work, let us know that too. We do understand that sometimes it’s hard to get your feelings and constructive criticism across without seeming negative or feeling like you’ve hurt the writer’s feelings. If you feel like your review would be better if you could create a video and post the link in the comments, we’re fine with that. If you would rather review it on your blog and post that link in the comments, we’re fine with that too. Just let us know what you think!


Let the World Know

If you truly love the manuscript you just read and gave 5 hearts to, you should help spread the word about it: A) so that your friends and family can enjoy it and B) so the possibility of it being published will be greater. With so many 5 heart ratings on the site, we’re surprised that every social media site isn’t inundated with links to Swoon Reads.


Be honest

We discussed this briefly in our Not Everything Can Be Five Hearts Swoon update, but, to reiterate, we’ve noticed that nearly every rating on the site is 5 hearts. Now, this would be fantastic if the comments matched the ratings, but, quite often, they don’t. We’ll look at a manuscript with nothing but 5 heart ratings and see comments like: “The story was great but it fell apart right at the end.” This isn’t a 5 heart manuscript. It’s a 4 heart rating at most. Think about it this way: if you went clothes shopping with your friend, you wouldn’t tell them that everything they tried on was perfect. Everything they try on might be nice, but certain cuts and colors work better than others. And you might have suggestions about whether a long or short sleeve is better. Ratings and comments on Swoon Reads should work the same way.


What your ratings say to us

The Swoon Reads rating system consists of 5 possible hearts. Since the Swoon ratings system is a little different from other rating systems, here’s a quick explanation:

♥♥♥♥♥ Swoonworthy: It’s pretty close to perfect as is and I would buy a copy right now! Maybe more for friends and relatives.

♥♥♥♥ I loved it: It needs a little work but after it’s edited and published professionally, I’ll buy it.

♥♥♥ I liked it: I enjoyed reading it, but it needs some work. After it’s been edited and published professionally, I could possibly see myself buying it.

♥♥ It was ok: It needed a lot of work. There would have to be major revisions for me to purchase it.

Wasn’t for me: It’s just not what I like to read.


Find the Books You Really Love

We don’t want Swoon Reads to feel like a popularity contest or a place where whoever has the most friends and family wins. Swoon Reads should be valuable for everyone who participates and your insightful and honest comments and ratings truly will be valuable to writers—whether or not their manuscript is chosen for publication. After all, high ratings on the site don’t necessarily guarantee publication. Only a great story that we all fall in love with will.

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