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FAQ – International Submissions

Hey Swooners,

It’s super exciting for us to be launching a new imprint and publishing program and we really appreciate your involvement and excitement. This morning we realized that you guys have already uploaded 34 manuscripts on the site! Way to go beta testers!

While the whole process is exciting, we realize that there will be a few kinks to work out. So we’re creating this FAQ blog series to try and answer your questions and clear up any confusion or misunderstandings. We’ve already received a few comments about international submissions so let’s clear that up right now:


It looks like the confusion is coming from the rules of our Early Bird Initiative post. The legal language there only applies to the Early Bird giveaway. Basically, they are not letting us send tote bags out of the country.

However, if you’re an international writer, you can (and should!) submit your work and you will be completely eligible for publication.* However, we do ask that your submission be in English. We currently don’t have the staff to handle foreign language submissions. If this changes, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.

We’re sorry for the confusion! That’s why we’re in beta. So you guys can help us iron out the wrinkles.


*Assuming your manuscript is considered Swoonworthy by the readers, of course!

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