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FAQ – Is My Author Profile Important?

Writers, have you looked at your profiles lately?  We have! Since we’re in the midst of searching for our first book, now is the time to go back and beef up those bios! Here are a few tips for adding some flavor to your profile.


  1. Bulk up your bio! It seems obvious, but reading even a brief paragraph that you wrote about yourself helps us to see what you’re like. Tell us why you want to be an author or who your heroes are. Think about what you can say that would make someone take notice and remember you.
  2. Social media savvy. Did you link to your Twitter account? Did you promote your blog? Do you have a YouTube channel? Professional authors will tell you that social media is like a second job. Show us how good you already are. And if you have more than one website, add those additional links to your bio! The more the better.
  3. Your publicity quotient. Another thing authors have to do? Interviews, Q&As, and tons of other media and you want people to find you interesting—because you are! So tell us what you do for your day job, where you grew up, or if you have a surprising hobby.  
  4. Are you well-read? Another thing that seems obvious is that you should be reading in the genre you’re writing. Let us know that you’re up on the latest and classics in YA romance by filling in the books section.
  5. The total package. When you look at your whole profile, does it feel like you? We know it can be hard to fill in a profile, so a great suggestion is having a friend look it over for you. It’s easy to forget something cool about yourself until someone reminds you.

We hope these tips help. If you have more advice, please share in the comments below. And also let us know in the comments if you went back and edited your profile!

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