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The Five Hottest Book Boyfriend Names

There are a lot of great things about a good YA romance. Maybe the moments of sexual tension, or the scene of the first kiss, maybe there’s a damsel in distress moment—all of the above are good. But a favorite in particular of mine, is towards the very beginning of the book. If you are like me and refuse to the blurb on the back, and the love interest’s name isn’t in the title, you go in not knowing much. You don’t know who the main character is going to fall for–who our hunk is going to be. But then you read the name, and you think “YUP! Here we go!” Names allow you, the reader to develop the persona yourself. There are some really good book boyfriend names out there, and here are some of my favorites—and how my brain fills in the blanks.


He wears baseball tees, has a part time job he is always at and always shows up in a convenient and chivalrous moment. Josh’s hair is never “done” but always perfect... you know what I mean?


He’s a little older; a senior to the main character’s freshman maybe? He’s a little buff particularly in the upper body, because he has he world on his shoulders-lots of big decisions to make, and all we want is to be included. ;)


Dear John. Need I say more?


Luke can either be the start of the [insert sport here] team, or have an artsy side we can’t get enough of. Or maybe he’s the Quarterback who whips out his guitar at an open mic and we all faint. Am I writing a book we all want to read? I think so.


In the scene where he brings the main character over to meet his family for the first time, his mom calls him “Jakey” and we all melt a little bit. 

Don’t see the book boyfriend of your dream here? Comment and let us know about your literary dreamboat, or submit a manuscript all about it!


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