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Five Reasons KISS CAM is the Perfect Holiday Read

This week, we are kicking off the 12 Days of Kissmas with daily giveaways on our twitter (@swoonreads) and instagram (@swoonreads) accounts. Follow along for a chance to win some holiday swag, and get in the holiday spirit by reading KISS CAM, out now!

Feel that chill in the air? The carols and twinkling lights that are around almost every corner? It’s beginning to look a lot like the time of year where we give gifts, drink hot cocoa, and watch some of our favorite holiday movies. But sadly, there aren’t very many holiday-themed YA books. So what’s a bookworm to do?

Never fear! Swoon Reads is here with an adorable read that might be just what you’re looking for.

Read on for the top five reasons Kiss Cam by Kiara London is the perfect read to get you through the holidays.

'Tis the season for…

Going down the Youtube black hole.

We all do it. It gets a little cold out and you decide to watch a few makeup tutorials to match the outfit you bought for your friend’s holiday party. Or you decide to look up a video for how to make eggnog.  Maybe that leads you to watch the last emotional scene from your favorite Christmas movie. And on and on it goes.

Well, this book is all about three friends who vlog together. Jasper, Juniper and Lenny love making and watching videos, and the whole premise of the story hinges on a dare that pops up in their comments. Someone dares Jasper and June to kiss. Then the real fun starts...


From holiday parties to Secret Santa gift exchanges, this season is all about coming together with friends, and what could be a better holiday treat, than a book that celebrates friendship and all of the endless complications when friends decide to kiss?

All the other ships.

Shipping is, of course, a year-long undertaking. If you’re anything like the Swoon Reads staff, you ship like it’s your job. But what’s so great about shipping during the holidays is that it’s a season that loves love as much as you do. Kiss Cam loves love, too. June, Jasper, and Lenny’s viewers ship them in every possible combination. And Elaina, one of the trios' other friends, even has an outburst where she proclaims: “I run ships. I captain ships. I don’t become the ships.”

The book is all about shipwars and the people who love them. So if you’ve ever screamed I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP, you’ll love Kiss Cam. The characters are your people. (And we hope you’ll ship ‘Jasiper’ as much as we do.)

Getting cozy.

June and Jasper get pretty close on a few different occasions, completely unrelated to all the kisses they share. From the way Jasper always blows on June's fingers to warm her up when she comes in from the cold, to the many scenes the characters spend cuddling on the couch or huddling in the car together, this book just begs you to curl up with it next to the fire.


And perhaps the most convincing reason Kiss Cam is a great holiday read is all the kissing. It starts with a dare in the comments section of one of Jasper, June, and Lenny’s vlogs. Viewers dare Jasper and June to kiss, and once they do, the requests for kisses keep pouring in, so much so, that a special segment of their blog is born: Kiss Cam. Of course, this time of year includes the promise (or threat?) of bumping into mistletoe and romantic movies where characters are always kissing in the snow.

And, since it’s so seasonally appropriate to kiss, it’s no surprise that in Kiara London’s book, a special Christmas Kiss Cam request shows up in the comments of Jasper, June, and Lenny’s videos: The Twelve Days of Kissmas.  Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that day one involves kissing while wearing lots of festively flavored lip balms (hot chocolate, gingerbreads, sugar cookie, etc…) You’ll just have to read the book to find out what kissing challenges the next eleven days hold!   

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