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Give Your Book a Chance

The Season 10 deadline is only a week away! And I’m really, really looking forward to diving into all of your fantastic manuscripts. 

You have submitted your fantastic manuscript, right? Because you know that we can only acquire the books that you choose to share with us. And I know that there are books out there sitting on hard drives or languishing in a drawer that are exactly what we are looking for. Or, even better, the book that we didn’t even know we wanted until we read it. Those are the best books to find, and one of my favorite parts about Swoon Reads. So, for all you writers out there who haven’t submitted your manuscript yet, why not?

I know it can be really scary to officially submit your manuscript and to think about letting strangers online read it or, even scarier… publishing professionals. *shudder* But I just wanted to take a second to share the message that I send to every one of my authors every time I send out an edit letter.

Don’t panic. You’ve got this.

You’ve already finished a novel. That’s a BIG deal. It is. It’s something to be proud of. You’ve created a whole world filled with characters that you love and who we would love to meet. You might have an idea that we’ve never even seen before. Or, even if it is an idea that we’ve seen before, I’d bet that your telling of it will be different from anyone else’s.

And, if it’s sitting in a drawer, at this point you’ve hopefully had some time to rest, recharge, and then revise your novel so that it’s the best that you can make it. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s what I’m here for! Or Kat, or Emily, or the whole Swoon team. We’re here to help, and I LOVE finding books with potential and helping to fix them. It brings joy to my little fangirl heart.

All you need to do is make sure that the book you submit is a book that you love and believe in. If you love your book, that love will shine out through the page. And odds are, we’ll fall in love with it too.

But before we can do that, you have to be willing to share it with us. I know it’s a big step, but I promise we’re really nice (and so is the community)! We all want to fall in love with your book. Just give us a chance. 

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