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Have a Literary Holiday With These Bookish Stocking Stuffers

Stumped about what to give your reader or writer friend this holiday season? Stop worrying, because we’ve rounded up some awesome finds that would make great holiday gifts, stocking stuffers or Secret Santa presents.

Typewriter brooch

typewriter brooch

Writers and vintage-loving readers alike will fall for this adorable typewriter brooch. Give this to your quirky lit-obsessed friends. This Etsy vendor, ModernGirlBlitz, also sells a pretty rad The Bell Jar typewriter brooch, for all of those Sylvia Plath fans out there.

Modcloth Taken with Tomes necklace

lit is my boyfriend modcloth necklace

Raise your hand if the longest relationship of your life has been with books. I can’t help laughing when I see this fun pendant. Buy this “Literature is my boyfriend” necklace for your bookish friends with a sense of humor.

For the record, Modcloth is kind of killing it with its curated “geeky gifts” sectionBook-shaped bags, awesome bookish totes, and Alice in Wonderland rings? Be still my heart.

The Strand composition book tote

strand comp bag

Remember composition books? This tote is the perfect gift for writers nostalgic for their middle school days of scribbling poetry into their favorite composition notebook. Or for readers who long to lug around their books in a fun, school-supply themed bag.

Out of Print East and West Egg necklace

east west egg out of print

Give your lit-obsessed bestie this sweet Gatsby-inspired necklace. Not only is this friendship necklace set gorgeous, but it’s a clever nod to one of the greatest novels ever.

The Thesaurus, Lord of the Ring, and Harry the Potter shirts from Threadless


If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite lit-loving guy or gal, Threadless has plenty of options. These three clever lit tees made me cackle, and they’re perfect for bookworms who like to wear their love of books on their sleeves. In case you haven’t heard of this t-shirt Mecca, Threadless creates shirts using work from artists around the world. It’s the destination for design-y shirts that are often nerdy and always awesome. And their bookish offerings are no exception.

Olde Book Pillow Classics from ThinkGeek

thinkgeek book pillows

I’ve definitely fallen asleep while reading and woken up to realize that I’ve been using a book for a pillow. However, it would be infinitely better to wake up on an actual book pillow! Gift this to your friends who, like me, spend their nighttime hours wrapped up in books.

John Keats notebook from ObviousState on Etsy

john keats notebook etsy

Can’t figure out what to get your hippest bookworm friends? Try this lovely notebook, complete with a John Keats quote. Writers will love having a teensy notebook to carry with them for moments of sudden inspiration, and readers could use this mini notebook as a to-read list or a log of books they’ve read.

If you’re looking for other cool literary finds, definitely browse through ObviousState’s Etsy shop. It’s full of beautifully designed literary-themed notebooks, greeting cards, posters, and t-shirts. I’m also especially partial to this J.D. Salinger quote poster.

Rory’s Story Cubes from Uncommon Goods

rorys story cubes

These are perfect gifts for your writing-minded friends. Can’t figure out where the story should go next? Roll the dice and see what comes up! These would be such a fun warm-up game to play during writing group meetings. Or at gatherings of your more literary friends. Or when you’re trying to conquer a nasty bout of writer’s block and need something fun to get your creative juices flowing.

If you’re looking for more fun gifts, Uncommon Goods has a fabulous bookish gifts section. Warning: You may drool a little as you look at their awesome selection. I’m kind of in love with their love letter cloth napkins.

Fangirl book necklace

fangirl necklace

Searching high and low for a gift for your YA-obsessed friend? Look no further than Etsy. There’s so much neat jewelry inspired by Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, and other awesome YA. As a huge Rainbow Rowell fan, I can’t help being charmed by this cute Fangirl necklace.

Book mug, Book Jacket mug, Book Cat mug, or Book is a Dream mug from Society6

society6 bookish mugs

Like Threadless, Society6 uses designs from artists around the world, so they’re a treasure trove of cleverly decorated mugs, t-shirts, totes, and other accessories. I especially like their mugs, though. Give one of these beauties to your bookish friend who’s always swilling hot coffee, tea, or cocoa.

Tell us your favorite items on the list, and let us know if we missed any great gifts for readers and writers! What’s on your wishlist this holiday season? What will you be giving your bookish friends?

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