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How I Set Up My Preorder Campaign

I’ve gotten so much interest in the preorder campaign I’m running for How to Speak Boy, I thought I’d give you all the behind the scene details on how I set it up. And just so you know, this preorder campaign is still live! So if you’re interested in getting any of these things for yourself, simply head over to my website to get all the details.

First things first, I had to think of how I wanted to structure things.

A lot of people recommended having a tier system, where everyone who preorders my book would be entered for a base prize, and a select few winners would get a larger grand prize. I’ve seen this be successful for a lot of authors, but I chose not to just because I wanted to keep things as easy as possible. So, I chose one tier—everyone who preorders my book (or requests it at the library) would get all the goodies. I also chose to accept library requests, because I know not everyone can financially afford to get new books all the time and I wanted to be considerate of all my readers.

Secondly, I had to pick my prizes.

I wanted to do something unique that I hadn’t seen too many authors do. I spent a lot of time browsing online for swag ideas. If I were to do this again, I’d listen to all the authors that told me to create flat swag, because shipping can be pricey. Maybe I’ll do stickers or something in the future? But it was fun to do something different this time around. I ended up going with these cute notebooks and tins of mints.

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I actually made the design myself, because it’s always nice to stretch my design skills. I wanted something fun and flirty, but something that I could use for more than just one book. I also wanted it to be appealing to my target audience, meaning, people who liked reading YA romance. I think they turned out so cute! I also included a mini bookmark that I love using because the size is so convenient.

Thirdly, I had to get the word out.

I created a page on my website with all the details people would need to enter. I made sure to include links where people can preorder my book, rules, and a form for them to enter so I could have all the entries in one place. This has been super handy to have!

So, there you have it!

It’s been so much fun mailing out these goodies to anyone who preorders How to Speak Boy or requests it at their library. I’ve loved seeing the enthusiasm people have for my book and their excitement over the notebooks and mints when they’ve gotten them in the mail. Every time someone tags me in a post about them, it makes me so happy!

What are some of your favorite items of book swag? Do you like preorder campaigns?

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