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How to Make Your Holidays Swoonworthy

We love the holidays here at the Swoon HQ. It’s hard to believe that the end-of-year festivities could be even more fun than they already are, but we believe that anything can be improved with a bookish twist. Here are a few tips on how to make your holidays 100% swoonworthy:

Hold a books-only Secret Santa or white elephant exchange

How fun would a Secret Santa be if all gifts had to be books? Finding the perfect book for your assigned person would be such an enjoyable challenge. Or, possibly even more fun, how about a white elephant-style exchange where all gifts must be books? I’m imaging an exchange with the cheapest, cheesiest mass market paperbacks your dollar can buy at the local used book store or thrift store. The more absurd the book, the better.

Add a literary twist to your holiday party

Mix a few of your favorite literary-themed cocktails, cook a few book-inspired foods (even more literary recipes here), and throw yourself a merry little bookish party!

slide_323661_3080161_freeWhat to do at this bookish holiday party? In addition to a books-only secret Santa, a game of (perhaps holiday-themed) exquisite corpse would be a fun literary activity. If you haven’t played the game before, it’s typically played by one person writing a line on a piece of paper, folding the paper so their line (or paragraph) isn’t visible, and then passing around the paper so that each person writes their line and then folds the paper to conceal it. The result is a fascinating and funny story or poem. (Here’s a fun example of exquisite corpse played by famous authors.)

Of course, there are also other bookish games to play, including literary charades, literary Pictionary, Scrabble, or a game with Rory’s Story Cubes. Or, if you decide to have a holiday-themed 10-word love story contest at your party (hint, hint) be sure to tweet your stories @SwoonReads.

Ring in the New Year with a Gatsby-themed New Year’s Eve party

I know that The Great Gatsby takes place in the summer, but New Year’s Eve always makes me think of (and long for) the glitz and glamor of the 1920s and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work. I would love to go to a Roaring ’20s-themed soiree, where people can dress in their best flapper digs, whip up some 1920s-inspired mocktails or cocktails, and dance the night away.


Build a book tree

Put your piles of books to good use! (Because let’s be honest, if you’re reading this, you probably do have piles of books all over your house. I know I do.) Make that bookish clutter even more beautiful by constructing a book Christmas tree!

Bonus points if you add lights and ornaments.

Craft some bookish DIY decorations

DIY holiday decorations are great, but book-related holiday decorations are even better. In addition to your book holiday tree, you can make book-inspired adornments like Christmas tree ornaments, a wreath made from upcycled book pages, and a book page pinwheel garland, and so many more. Deck the halls with books!

Wrap gifts with something delightfully literary

typeo-featureThere’s nothing better than literary gift-wrapping! There are so many ways to give your gift wrapping a bookish twist. Kudos if you wrap a gift with (photocopies of) pages from your friend’s favorite book. I’m also a big fan of this typographic book wrap idea. You can get really creative with something like this amazing gift adorned with 3D butterflies cut out of book pages. For the ambitious, here’s a tutorial on how to make a gorgeous bow made from a recycled book.

Find time to curl up with a book

No matter how hectic your holiday season gets, give yourself some time to regroup and curl up with a good book (or with a great manuscript on Swoon Reads—have we mentioned the Twelve Days of Kiss-mas in Kiss Cam?).

While I’m still waiting for the world to widely celebrate my proposed literary holidays, I plan to celebrate the holidays in as many literary ways as possible.

Will you be infusing some bookish fun into your holidays? Let us know if you try any of these ideas!

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