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ICYMI: Your Guide to Read Month on Swoon Reads

The latest submission deadline rolled by last week, which means it's time for Read Month once again!

What’s Read Month, you ask? Read Month is when we need you, our Swoon Readers, to read, rate, and comment on manuscripts before our seasonal deadline to help us choose which books to publish next! Swoon Reads is powered by readers like you, and we rely on your thoughts and opinions. All of our books must be Reader Approved, so it’s up to you to tell us what you want to see on shelves!

But how can you get the most out of Read Month, both as a writer and a reader on Swoon Reads? Follow our easy steps below to maximize your success!

As a Writer

  • Spread the word on social — If you’re looking to get more eyeballs on your manuscript, ask your social media followers—whether they’re on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere—to read and comment on your manuscript! Social media is a great place to start when you’re looking for more reads and more feedback; just remember to ask nicely.
  • Follow the Golden Rule — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Translation: If you’re craving more reads on your manuscript, take the time to read other manuscripts on the site and offer ratings and feedback! Other authors will appreciate the time you spend on their work and be much more likely to return the favor.
  • Blackmail your friends — Please don’t take this advice literally. What we mean is that Read Month can be a great time to ask your friends in the writing community to join Swoon Reads (it’s about time!) and read your manuscript. There’s no better time to get the people you know IRL engaged in our community and reading your work!

As a Reader

  • Leave comments — We love to see comments left by Swoon Readers like you so we can find out what our community thinks about the manuscripts on our site. And Read Month is a great time to get verbose in the comments section and tell us what you love and what can be improved! Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard in the comments section (while being polite and respectful, of course).
  • Start positive — When we’re looking at manuscripts on Swoon Reads, we love to see all types of comments from readers. Constructive criticism is important and often helps us when we’re editing our selected books. However, as a reader, start with what you loved about the manuscript! It’s good karma to begin with your favorite parts and deal out your tips for improving the manuscript after that.
  • Dip a toe in — It can be overwhelming to think about reading a whole manuscript on our site, especially when we all live such busy lives (these TV shows aren’t going to binge-watch themselves, y’all). But even if you read just three chapters (or one) of a manuscript and leave ratings and comments, you’re helping another writer on our site! Don’t feel like you have to read a full manuscript; just dip in, see if you like what you’re reading and tell us why.

We can’t wait to see what manuscripts are making you laugh, cry, hide under the covers, and forgo dinner to just read that one… more… page!

Please note, that we will start our selection process on March 2nd, so please share your ratings and comments by 11:59 p.m. EST on March 1st.

Happy reading!

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