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Today we’re going to take a slight detour down Fangirl Alley as I completely hijack my normal editorial post to squee about Comic-Con International.

I know normally we’re very focused on books and romance and YA teen tuff, but it’s also very much about things we love. And there are few things I love as much as the chance to go and completely fangirl over everything I love in one spot. The fact that I can do it with my best friend from high school – and her very patient Marine husband who took all the pictures – just makes it even better.

Wednesday: This is technically Preview Night. The first time I went to Comic-Con, I completely wasted it by going to watch the previews. This year, I knew better, and I headed straight for the show floor, where I saw many wonderful and fabulous things, including one of the actual TARDISes used in the BBC show Doctor Who.

But my main focus was to buy ALL the Supernatural swag. ALL OF IT. Because I missed it last year by not going to the show floor right away. This year I got everything!

I even did some horse trading and switched out my The 100 bag for the very beautiful Supernatural Comic-Con convention bag, which I think I shall frame and put on my wall, along with my Hall H wristband. More on that later.

Thursday: I started my “actual” convention experience with the fabulous and wonderful Felicia Day at her Geek and Sundry panel. Felicia Day continues to have the amazing gift of taking an awkward moment and making it even more awkward in the most fabulously entertaining manner. She also made the mistake of sitting in between her brother and Wil Wheaton, which was obviously trying for her, but a LOT of fun for us.


Then, I dropped by the Macmillan booth to show off my Han Solo cosplay.


(See? I did think of work. Sort of.)

I also took pictures near the life-size Terminator statue and with all of the costumes from Arrow and The Flash. There were more panels, but the Felicia Day one was the best.

Friday: Friday was Disney princess day. I LOVE being a Disney princess. EVERYBODY wants to take pictures with a Disney princess. And I did do legit work. I stopped by and harassed TWO Macmillan authors, one of whom I actually work with!


Me, Mandy and the fabulous Josie Angelini

I also, because I’ve watched it somewhere 10 and 40 times, went to the autographing area and had Hannah and Hilly from The Hillywood Show to sign a couple shirts. One for me and one for Emily, who is amazing, and totally deserved a shirt for introducing me to The Hillywood Show. Also, I was SUPER excited to find out that they were dressed in the costumes from the Supernatural parody, which means that my pictures are AMAZING. Hannah had the brilliant idea that Belle should be waltzing with Dean, which is funny because I am much taller than Hilly.


We were also briefly captured by Boba Fetts.


But I eventually made it to the Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate panel. A game which is going to be amazing. I think. Fingers crossed. I mean, it has a fully playable female assassin who is completely clothed in an outfit that is just as (im)practical as the one her brother is wearing. AND she kills people with sword canes. So yay!

Random note: Somewhere in the world is video of Mandy and I trying to eat while dressed as Belle and Elsa. Because apparently the concept of Disney princesses eating is so interesting that it demands to be videotaped.

Saturday: We did the Avengers. Actually, what we did was the ginormous, fabulous Game of Thrones experience while cosplaying as the Avengers. (I know, Loki is not technically a member of the Avengers, but he’s in the movie. So it’s fine. Also, I have a weakness for snarky dark-haired boys.)



“Honey, you should see me in a crown.”

The Game of Thrones experience took most of the morning. But that was fine, because I was going to be there All. Day. Long. Because I had decided that this was the year that I would do the full Comic-Con experience. I stood in line for hours with someone I had only known for four days to get a wristband, then went home with them to the house of a complete and perfect stranger, where I crashed for about 5 hours, then got up, drank a cup of coffee, and went back to stand in line some more.

But it was great and completely worth it because I got in to Hall H for the Supernatural panel. So there.

But first, let me tell you about Saturday afternoon. I hung out at Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry/Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls/The Nerdist’s Con-ival, where they had a bunch of little games and booths and panels, basically a mini-con for the people who couldn’t get in to the actual Comic-Con.

And I actually saw some good panels there! There was one for Ash vs. The Evil Dead and Kings of Con. Also, there was an Outlander parade that I just caught the tail end of. Then we went back to the convention center to find the line for Hall H to go ahead and get into it for Sunday. But when we got there, we were able to just walk into the WB TV panel, where I saw Stephen Amell come out in his new Green Arrow outfit and literally give the opening speech for next season of Arrow. It was kind of amazing. And I love John Barrowman. I just do.

The Flash panel was also very good. But I didn’t stay for anything else, because it was vital that I leave Hall H to get in line to get into Hall H for the Supernatural panel the next day. Make sense? No? Not to me, either. But that’s OK. Because the Supernatural cast are amazing and wonderful people who knew that there were thousands of people waiting in line outside to see them the next day, they decided to bring them all pizza.

So I have this awesome picture of me dressed as Loki hanging out with Osric Chau, who is a wonderful person.


And eventually I got my wristband, which meant that I definitely got in to Hall H provided I was back by 7:30 the next morning. Since there were no trains that late or that early, I crashed at a house of a friend of my new friend, as described earlier.

Sunday: Got up very early. Went to get back in line for Supernatural. Learned that Misha Collins wanted to bring us coffee, but they wouldn’t let him without security because they were afraid he would get mobbed or something. So, being him, I’m pretty sure he went out, grabbed the first two or three people dressed as Stormtroopers and asked them to be his security while he ran by the line to wave and chat with people.


And eventually I managed to get back into Hall H with a much better seat, so it was amazing. The first panel was The Vampire Diaries, which I don’t actually watch, but the panel itself was entertaining. And I was super amused at how happy Ian Somerhalder was that Elena had left the show so that Damon could go back to the way he was in Season 1. And Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan, was surprisingly cool, especially considering how much I hated his character in the five episodes that I’ve watched.

Then it was time for Supernatural.

Before the panel even started, Mark Sheppard, who plays Crowley, walked out and put a Pop figure of Crowley in front of everyone’s spot onstage, and then shushed the entire crowd as if we were supposed to keep it a secret.

I also really, really, really hope that they put the retrospective video that they started with onto the Season 10 DVD set. Because I need to have it on my iPhone to watch over and over again obsessively.

I could go on and on and on about the Supernatural panel itself, but I’ll only do it a little bit. I’ll just say this is probably my favorite panel that I have ever been to at any convention ever, and I think I need to go to a dedicated Supernatural convention because I just love them so much.

They were obviously exhausted because they’d all just flown in after four days of shooting – and Jensen had even been directing! – but they were still hilarious. The whole panel was laughing so hard (mostly at the hamster) that they were crying at a couple of points.


Then Jensen was truly and honestly touched by how much of the audience had been fans from the beginning, and how much the fandom had grown even just this year. A fourth of the people crazy enough to go through the whole Hall H process had just started watching this year.

And then someone, I don’t know who, passed out little battery-powered candles that everyone held up in honor of Jared and his Always Keep Fighting movement. Needless to say, there were more tears. It was kind of amazing.

When I left this panel, I was so high on all the fabulousness – and, you know, lack of sleep – that I felt like I was done. So, I did one little quick dance in the park – which several people took pictures of – to show off my Esmeralda dress and headed home.


Now it’s time to start planning for next year. Or maybe I’ll do DragonCon.

Or maybe both!

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