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The day has finally come, Swooners! Karole Cozzo's second book, How to Keep Rolling After a Fall, is finally on sale TODAY!!! Don't miss out! (And we dare you not to fall madly in love with Pax!)

What people are saying about How to Keep Rolling After a Fall:

"Cozzo has created a well-written YA novel featuring a main character with a disability. ... Pax and Nikki’s love story is natural and gradual and feels authentic to the teen experience. Recommended for readers who appreciate tales filled with redemption and forgiveness and positive portrayals of teens and young adults with disabilities." —School Library Journal

"I have read a lot of good books lately and I am not easy to please, but this book was simply fantastic. If you want a cute, emotional, romantic read with some great character development, you’ve found it." —Kookie Krysp Reads

"This book put me through an emotional wringer and never let up. Not only did it make me cry (always a big bonus in my book), but I also found myself laughing at times, getting angry at others, and completely swooning over the plethora of sweet moments between Nikki and Pax. This is the single biggest factor that made this book shine for me—I felt so incredibly emotionally invested in these characters that I felt their every joy and pain." —Feed Your Fiction Addiction

"Five stars, easily. This is how a Young Adult novel is done. From the writing to the characterization to the plot to the pacing to the message—I recommend it to any teen or anyone with a teen daughter. Just excellent." —Teamskelley, Goodreads Reviewer

Get your copies today!

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