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The day has finally come, Swooners! The Hummingbird Dagger by Cindy Anstey is hitting shelves TODAY!!! (And don't forget to also pick up Cindy's third novel, Suitors and Sabotage, now available in paperback!) If you've ever been reading a classic Jane Austen novel and thought, "Hmm... this could use a little murder and intrigue," then this book is about to make you VERY happy.

What she can’t remember could be deadly.

1833. A near-fatal carriage accident has deposited an unconscious young woman on the doorstep of Hardwick Manor and into the care of young Lord James Ellerby. But when she finally awakens, it is with no memory of who she is or where she came from.

Beth, as she calls herself, has no identity; the only clue to her circumstances is a recurring nightmare of a hummingbird, blood dripping from its steel beak.

With the help of James and his sister, Caroline, Beth tries to solve the mystery of her own identity and the appalling events that brought her to their door. But nothing could prepare her for the escalating dangers that threaten her and the Ellerby clan. From the hazardous cliffs of Dorset to the hostile streets of London, Beth will fight to reclaim her past, hunted by a secretive foe with murderous intentions.

What people are saying about The Hummingbird Dagger:

"A blend of Jane Austen, Jack the Ripper, and your favorite cozy mystery. ... The romance was lovely, sweet and a perfect subplot to the darker tones of murder, mystery and mayhem." —Isabel Ibañez, author of Woven in Moonlight

"Quite fun. ... There is a softness when it comes to Cindy Antsey’s historical novels ... it calms me somewhat while still letting me enjoy the twists and turns." —Whatever You Can Still Betray

"A heart-racing Regency mystery with memory loss, kidnappings, and, of course, a breathtaking romance. Anstey has hit her stride in the Regency rom-com genre, so this change of pace into the slightly macabre was a pleasant and welcome surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed every twist, turn, and scandalous forehead kiss in this daring addition to Antsey's repertoire." —Sami, Goodreads reviewer

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