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Judging a Cover by Its Book: Choose the Cover Direction for LOVE SCENE, TAKE TWO

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Howdy, Swooners!

We are so super-special stoked to share the proposed cover directions for the recently renamed Love Scene, Take Two by Alex Evansley (aka Between Takes)! Here's a summary in case you're in need of a refresher of this sweet, summer love story that is all the best kinds of wish-fulfillment:

"Teddy Sharp is kinda famous, and if his latest audition for the lead in the newest YA blockbuster works out, he’ll be REALLY famous. But even being kinda famous doesn’t keep your flights from being cancelled.

Stranded in a small North Carolina airport, he figures his weekend is ruined, until Bennett Caldwell, the author of the very book series he just auditioned for, takes pity on him and invites him to stay at her family’s lake house. Bennett is unlike any girl Teddy’s ever met before, and somehow they just seem to click. But the internet is full of juicy gossip about Teddy's last relationship… gossip that Bennett might not be prepared to handle." 

We wanted these cover directions to be as flirty and fun as the book is, so we commissioned ace designer Kait K. to craft these four options for you to choose from, and she has shared some thoughts about her inspiration behind each one. Remember, the below images aren't necessarily final. These are just directions, so there will most likely be some tweaks made before the book hits the shelves. (Want to see how a cover goes from concept to final? Click here.)

To view enlarged images, right click the image to view it in a new tab. Cover voting will close at noon EST on Tuesday, May 16.



Jump Cover

When designing this cover concept I wanted to represent Bennett and Teddy at the lake house, but have the photo both set the scene and have a nod to their relationship through the story. Both seemed apprehensive about the budding relationship, but can't help but cannonballing into it together! I wanted the typography to be innocent and a little naive, just like the characters.


LSTT Chairs

Chairs Cover

I wanted to represent Teddy and Bennett in a way that wasn't necessarily a person; and what is cuter than two directors chairs leaning on each other? Since both characters are equally represented in the story, I thought it would be a fun symbol of how they are both making decisions that determine final product, both in the movie and in their real lives. They are both the directors!



Dip Cover

I couldn't help but do one cover concept that felt classic and romantic. I wanted to design something that felt a little like a movie poster; the hollywood light beams at the top, paired with the North Carolina scene and the classic dip-kiss.



Dock Cover

Finally, I wanted to do a cover with them as a couple. The novel is about wish fulfillment, and what does a teenager desire more than hanging with the one they love? I wanted one cover to be tender, sweet, and simple; just like Teddy & Bennett!

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