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Judging a Cover by Its Book: Choose the Cover Direction for ROMEO AND WHAT'S HER NAME

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Good morrow to thee, fairest Swoon Readers,

We art so very pleased to share the cover directions for Romeo and What's Her Name by Shani Petroff! Eileen S. and Becca S. (who's designing for Swoon for the very first time, woohoo!) have come up with four fantastic options for you to choose from.

Hither is a synopsis in case thou art in needeth of a reminder... eth.

"Understudies never get to perform... which is why being Juliet's understudy in the school's yearly 'Evening with Shakespeare' is the perfect role for Emily. She can earn some much-needed extra credit while pursuing her main goal of spending time with Wes, aka Romeo, aka the hottest, nicest guy in school (in her completely unbiased opinion). And she meant to learn her lines, really, it's just:

a) Shakespeare is HARD,
b) Amanda aka the 'real' Juliet makes her run errands instead of lines, and
c) there's no point since Amanda would never miss the chance to be the star of the show.

Then, Amanda ends up in the hospital and Emily, as the (completely unprepared!) understudy, has to star opposite the guy of her dreams. Oops?"

Remember, the below images aren't necessarily final. These are just directions, so there will probably be some tweaks made before the book hits the shelves. (For more information about the difference between a cover direction and the final cover click here.)

To view enlarged images, right click the image to view it in a new tab. Cover voting will close at noon EST on Tuesday, March 22.


Becca S.'s Balcony Cover

Emily spends the book hanging on for dear life while she continues making one hysterical blunder after another, so here's our Juliet (literally) hanging on for dear life.

RAWHN BS Doodles

Becca S.'s Doodles Cover

I usually work graphically, so this cover was a fun attempt to add photo elements into the mix! I love the fun girly vibe doodles bring in!


Eileen S.'s Masks Cover

This cover was initially inspired by the scene where Romeo and Juliet first meet—a masquerade ball. But wearing a mask is also about pretending to be someone else, which I thought was a nice nod to acting in a high school play. Our Romeo Wes is in the center, and has to choose between the two Juliets. Emily is in the understated green mask, while Amanda is crying out for attention in her flashy pink and orange.


Becca S.'s Shakespeare Cover

For this cover I tried juxtaposing Shakespeare's idea of drama with the book's lighthearted teen drama. I'd like to think Shakespeare would be SO about the drama, even if Emily's interpretation is a little different. (Also LOVE using the girly doodles!)

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