Kim Karalius comes to NYC

After sending out edit letters, I always like to take the time to set up a meeting with the author and make sure that everything is okay and that we are all on the same page, before they dive into revisions. Normally, I have to do this over the phone, but every once in a while, the stars align, all the random timing issues work out, and an author and I actually get to sit down and discuss their books in person.

Luckily for me, Kim Karalius, the author of LOVE FORTUNES AND OTHER DISASTERS, has some family in the New York area, and was able to make it into the office for a rare in-person edit meeting.

Kim started things off with a surprise gift… bringing a little bit of Florida with her! Doesn’t that pink bow add just the right swoonworthy touch?

Gifts from Florida

After a few vitally important pop culture discussions (including, but not limited to: Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting ability, Tim Burton’s Batman movies vs. Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, and our shared love of BBC’s Sherlock), we were finally ready to get to the fun part …. Talking about her book!

Edit Meeting

Kim was very prepared. She had gone through and annotated the edit letter in track changes, so she wouldn’t forget any of her thoughts and questions, and even provided printouts.

Annotated Edit Notes

The meeting went by quickly. We brainstormed ways to make the opening a little more welcoming, finding a few places where we could trim some scenes to make a little more room for other characters to shine, and really polishing the ending.

In the end, it was a really productive meeting that’s left me even MORE excited about this book, (which is saying something!). There’s a few new scenes coming that I can’t wait to read and share with you all!

Holly and Kim Selfie


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