A Launch Party (or Two) to Remember

I’m the first to admit I went a little over the top when it came to my launch parties for The Midnight Dance! But I’ll also admit that it was a ten-year journey to get there and I wanted to CELEBRATE! So I had not one, but two parties the Saturday after the book came out.

My first event took place in the early afternoon at Mysterious Galaxy, an independent bookstore in San Diego, California. Highlights included the following:


This event was geared more towards families, so I served cookies and cupcakes. Side note, but all of the mini cupcakes were made by a dear friend and her daughter after my mother and I were unable to make them when my mother ended up in the hospital the entire week! I also had bowls of sour gummi worms with a little sign labeled “Book Worms.” Small water bottles and decorated with balloons, and the table was ready to go!


Photo Booth

I had this grandiose idea of having props for people to put on. It was kind of a flop (based on the one and only photo I have of it!) but I purchased several costume elements to include. Tutus for the dancers, masks for the masquerade ball (those did get some use!), and my mother created a marionette control with ribbons coming down to create live puppets. We also had a stool for someone to stand on to be the marionettist.


Yearbook Copy

We put out a pedestal and a bunch of sharpie color pens to allow the guests to sign MY book back to me! It’s a great memento from the occasion and I love looking back at all the yearbook style congratulations notes.

After I was done speaking, signing, taking pics, and gathering our things… I raced home to prepare food, change, and head north to New Village Arts, a theater and artist studio in Carlsbad, California. There, for my evening event, the food was buffet style and centered around the Italian theme of the book. I served meatballs in Italian sauce, a cheese board, cannolis, and mini cheesecakes. We also served a signature cocktail.


For The King’s Questioner, I am taking it slightly easier! I will still serve treats, have balloons, and do a yearbook style copy, but I will be foregoing the photo booth and two events in one day. Now it will be two events, two days apart!

Now if only I knew what I was going to talk about…


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