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Let's Talk About the LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE Cover

The final cover for Let's Talk About Love is here! It's changed a bit since you saw it for cover voting. Here's a breakdown of what changed and why:

We all love this cover and are so happy that you chose it. That said, Claire had two concerns about the model. 1.) Her hair looked damaged on the ends, as if it had been styled by someone who doesn't understand coily hair. Buuut, we know Alice takes great pride in her hair and would never go out like that. 2.) The model is thin, which is not Alice's body type.

I had an easy solution to both issues: a photo shoot! We could hire a model with exactly the right body type and a hair stylist who could execute perfect box braids or natural coils or whatever our hearts desired. Photo shoots are never cheap, but I figured instead of hiring a hand letterer I could re-do the type myself, and everything would be fine.

I was wrong. We just did not have the budget for a photo shoot. It happens. (For the record, it happens frequently.) OK, on to Plan B: Everyone agreed the model from the stock photo I'd used in my comp was absolutely gorgeous. What if I transplanted some healthier hair on to her head? I didn't feel comfortable changing the model's body type by morphing her arms, but I could make her dress billow out more. Bonus: By using a stock photo I could save enough money to hire that hand letterer I'd wanted. Extra bonus: We adored this model's smile and the feeling of the photo and weren't sure we'd be able to replicate it. Now we didn't have to worry about that.

Claire and the Swoon powers that be all signed off the plan. I got to work studying different hair styles and figuring out which ones could work with the model and the photo. (Claire helped a lot!) I hired a fantastic artist, Gian Wong, to letter both the title and drop caps and chapter numbers for the interior. And, I modified her dress as planned. Check out the full transformation below:

ltal process gif

LTAL final cover

Let's Talk About Love is now available for preorder!

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