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Long Live Vampires!

Temple West’s debut novel Velvet came out on Tuesday, and I could not be more excited for a brand new story centered around vampires to hit the shelves! It has been a really long time since I read a good vampire book. Just a few years ago I couldn’t step into my favorite bookstore or library without picking up a new vampire-centric story and now I am reduced to hoarding them away for special occasions. I finally got a chance to read Holly Black’s The Coldest Girl in Coldtown last September, but I haven’t cracked the spine on another vampire story since and I miss them.

I know what you all are thinking right now, some combination of “Down with Vampires” and “Good Riddance,” but I just can’t quit them. And for good reason!

First, without vampires (and some other generally awful creatures of the underworld) I would not have been introduced to some incredibly amazing kick-ass female characters, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So in a way, to me, vampire equals Girl Power, and it’s hard to argue with that.

Second, the idea of immortality is immensely appealing. Who hasn’t thought about what they would do with their life if they had an eternity at their disposal? For someone like me who has a bucket list miles and miles long and several Pinterst boards full of travel tips, the idea of some extra time to get all that living done is hard to resist. Where would I travel to next if I knew I’d have a chance to see it all?

On the flip side, immortality can be an immensely heavy burden.  Knowing you’ll not only out-live all the people you love, but have to stand by and watch as they grow old, and in many cases suffer, is a lot to carry with you for a lifetime.

This combined with the fact that as a vampire you need to relocate and start a new life every few years so as to not arouse suspicion has produced some of the most broodingly handsome leading men (vampires) in recent memory. What girl can resist a broken and tortured soul? It’s a tale as old as time. Tell me you haven’t wanted to reach into the pages of your book and give Stefan Salvatore or Simon Lewis a big long hug (and maybe a smooch) and tell them everything is going to be all right? I know I have.

Brooding vampires are the perfect combination of mysterious, worldly, and unattainable. Totally swoonworthy if you ask me. So tell me Swoon Readers, what are some other good reasons to continue carrying on loving vampires even though everyone is telling you they’re over? Go on, you can tell me!

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