Lopsided Love Triangles

*Warning! This blog post contains spoilers for the following books: Matched, Hex Hall, and Bad Girls Don’t Die.*

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Ever since the Twilight series came out, love triangles have become pretty standard fare in YA novels. Sometimes they’re done really well. There’s actually a reason why the main character is torn between the other two and not just because the main character’s fickle and can’t make up her mind. However, sometimes authors play favorites. This blog post is going to take a look at three series where it’s very obvious that one side of the triangle never really stood a chance.

Matched series - Ally CondieIn the dystopian series Matched, Cassia is supposed to be matched with her best friend Xander. However, during the matching ceremony she sees someone else face: Ky’s. Because of this “glitch,” Cassia starts to question everything she’s ever known and, of course, falls in love with Ky. But then, the author presents Xander as another leg of the love triangle by saying that he has had feelings for Cassia all along. This doesn’t seem to really be present at any point throughout the novel. Even if it had been, the author never seems to show Xander as a serious love interest anyway. Cassia never returns his feelings. Besides, Ky triggers Cassia’s journey of enlightenment and makes the story move forward. Without him, the book wouldn’t exist.  Cassia can’t not end up with Ky.

Hex Hall - Rachel HawkinsIn the Hex Hall Series by Rachel Hawkins, we meet Sophie, a very funny and very powerful witch. In the first book, we also meet the other two sides of the triangle: Cal, the sweet and caring gardener, and Archer, the sarcastic warlock. It’s obvious before the book is even half over that Sophie is going to end up with Archer. Their chemistry was just too good to even consider Cal as a threat. However, there were quite a few Cal fans throughout the series’ run only giving up hope when Cal sacrifices himself to save Sophie and stop the bad guys.

Bad Girls Don't Die - Katie AlenderThe Bad Girls Don’t Die Series is a little different from the previous two. Carter and Alexis actually get together in the first book and stay together until Alexis breaks it off with him at the end of the second book because she’s worried for his safety. However, in the third book, Alexis meets Jared and starts hanging out with him while Carter is worried about her. The author gave two books to Carter so it’s easy to see who her favorite is and, rest assured, they do end up together.

As you can see, these leading men definitely have their authors in their corner, but do you think it’s fair to the reader? The fans that want Bella and Jacob to get together don’t even really have a shot. Also this blatant favoritism often feels like the triangle was added solely because love triangles are popular and, in my opinion, adding something to a book (or movie, show, etc.) because it’s popular is a betrayal of the material. Do you guys feel the same way?

If there are other love triangles that you’ve read that have a very obvious bias toward one side, please let us know in the comments.

By Drucilla S.

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