Ashley’s Town Cover Direction for LOVE FORTUNES AND OTHER DISASTERS

Our cover designers have created some amazing cover directions for LOVE FORTUNES AND OTHER DISASTERS by Kimberly Karalius, and we’re counting on you to choose which one actually goes on the book! We know it’s a big decision, so today we’ve asked Designer Ashley H. to share the story behind this gorgeous cover approach:

Town Cover

The town of Grimbaud is central to the story of Love Fortunes and Other Disasters, so I wanted to bring attention to it. When I found this town illustration I thought it could represent the very charming setting in which this love story takes place. Additionally, the text inside of the stapled pieces of paper picks up on the fact that Fallon puts her love fortunes on her bulletin board, and that these fortunes influence the actions of many people in the town. The bright pink ties everything together to convey the fun tone of this story.

If you love what Ashley is doing here, let us know by leaving a comment and voting for this cover direction. And remember, this is a cover direction, not the final cover, so if you have suggestions for making it even more Swoonworthy, share it in the comments!

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