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Make It Yourself: 4 DIY Gift Ideas for Your Fave Book Lover

This post is brought to you by a comedic misunderstanding.

As I was discussing a possible blog topic with my colleague Emily, she suggested I write about “craft.”

“Craft?” I thought. “I love crafts!” I’m a devoted embroider, so any time I spend not reading and editing is spent ransacking the embroidery floss shelf at the nearby Michael’s.

Emily actually meant a different kind of craft... like, the craft of writing. But my mind was already in the DIY clouds. And with the holidays coming up, you probably need this post, packed with gifts you can make (on the cheap!) for the favorite reader in your life.

1.) Bookends

This post is packed with bookends you can whip up in a few hours, from glittery rocks to rope knots. And they’re so easy, you might as well make a pair for yourself while you’re at it.

2.) Button bookmarks

If you’re like me, bookmarks are like hair ties. You can never have too many because they’re constantly disappearing into thin air. These button bookmarks are so easy to make, you can churn out a few dozen for your loved one quickly.

3.) Succulent book planter

If you can’t imagine mangling a perfectly good book, skip over this one. If you can handle it, though, this post will show you how to carve out a book and plant some cute little cacti inside!

4.) Fleece socks

Looking for a more involved project? This post walks you through sewing fleece socks for keeping feet cozy and warm during long book binges.

What bookish crafts do you plan to whip up this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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